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    ‘We’re not handing over public schools to private operators’ – Adutwum

    The Ministry of Education has said the government does not intend to privatize public basic schools under the controversial Ghana Partnership School (GPS) policy. The initiative, which sought to create a partnership between government and private entities to take over the management of some public schools, has received a lot of backlash from stakeholders in the past few weeks. Even before the date for the implementation of the initiative, interested parties such as teacher unions have threatened a massive demonstration against the government if it proceeds with the plan. The unions justified their opposition, saying that they had not been consulted in the planning of the project. But speaking to Citi News, Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum said the government has no intention to hand over the management of basic schools to private individuals.

    “There is no basis for what the teachers are saying. The ministry has made it clear that is not about privatization. We are not handing over public schools to private operators. We have no intention to do that, there is no policy to do that. All that we are saying is that we are exploring how we can partner with NGOs and that discussion is at the very embryonic stage. We are not even close to making a decision on it. There is no policy for GPS or privatization, if there was, it would have been public information.”

    Initially, the Ministry of Education called the bluff of the teacher unions, insisting that it was going to go ahead to roll out the project to improve the standards of education in the country. The government, however, said its decision to back down has nothing to do with the pressure from the various stakeholders.

    NAGRAT welcomes move

    But President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Angel Carbonu said the decision by the Education Ministry to halt the implementation of the project is welcoming.

    “When I heard that government has withdrawn from the project, I was elated. I believe that when you resource our school heads and give them training, skills development program periodically and set target for them – our school heads will achieve credible results. We are very happy that the project has been discontinued. We have a strong desire to achieving learning outcomes. We have the men and women well trained.”

    Source :  citinewsroom.com


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