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    Odawna residents charge at gov’t; demand permanent solution to flooding

    Some residents of Adabraka-Sahara in Accra have accused the government of failing in its responsibility to address the perennial flooding that occurs in that part of the city.

    The residents, who are among the worst hit by floods anytime it rains in Accra said they will be forced to demonstrate against the government due to the situation and impressed on authorities to permanently address the problem. Several properties and sometimes lives are lost as a result of the flooding in the area particularly when the Odaw river which flows passes through the community and receives wastewater from other parts of the capital overflows its banks. Following a downpour on Wednesday afternoon, many residents lost properties and had their places of abode submerged in flood waters.

    Some had to be rescued from their homes and shops in boats by some military personnel due to the high current of the rushing floodwaters that had trapped them.

    “There is something that we have realized with our leaders, if we don’t mobilze and then agitate, they will not act. From now, we are going to mobilize,” a resident told Citi News after Wedneday’s floods.

    Another resident said they are no longer interested in mattresses and other relief items given to them by the government and prefer that a permanent solution is found to the problem.

    “The government has not been helpful to us at all. The odaw is so chocked and instead of desilting it, they will wait until the place get flooded then they’ll come to give us relief items.”


    Source: Citinewsroom.com


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